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Last updated: 23rd February 2013


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ESJF Invites you to a Members’ Workshop
Thursday 21st March 2013 at the York Road Spiritualist Church 7 – 9pm.

New and exciting projects lie ahead What do we want to do next?

Thanks to all the support we have had for the Forum, set up by residents and their Residents’ Associations to develop a Neighbourhood Plan, we expect to go to a referendum on the Plan on 2nd May.

The volunteers and friends who helped form the Plan and identify the projects that will help make a real difference to our ward will be an important resource get these projects under way. This Members’ Workshop is the starting point for that work and all members and associate members are welcome.

With a YES vote at the referendum, the Forum and our partners will have the potential to secure funding to support community projects. Many projects were identified in the planning stages – the top ones listed in the Neighbourhood Plan are...

1  Make Queens Crescent garden an attractive Community Green Space

2   Work with Residents’ Associations in the ward to improve and enhance key streets and spaces, in particular planting more trees

3  Work with the University and Students’ Guild to improve the quality of landlord owned property and services, minimising any adverse impact arising from the high level of student accommodation

4  Promoting the development of affordable sustainable homes for local people

5  Support the growth in train, bicycle and pedestrian use in St James and support the restriction of HGV vehicles in our ward.


Other projects: such as a walking history trail; encouraging the establishment of more residents’ associations in St James; the possibility of setting up standing panels to look at issues (planning and transport, for example) and to the Neighbourhood Plan’s legacies.

Be part of the changes coming to St James, come to the Members Workshop on 21st March 2013 York Road Spiritualist Church 7 – 9 pm


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