Successful Sixth AGM

Last updated: 13th February 2018

Successful Sixth Forum AGM 

Acting Chair, Robyn Connett, welcomed Members and Associate Members, including new County Councillor Su Aves, to the meeting held at St Sidwell's CofE Primary Shool on Wednesday 5 July. Robyn spoke briefly to the full and comprehensive report of the Steering Group's activity during the year (click here to read) raising awareness of the wide range of issues that the SG had addressed.

Matters covered included the monitoring and defence of the Neighbourhood Plan, the initiation and support of projects, identified by the community to enhance St James as a great place to live and work, and work in liaison with outside groups or organisations both local and national. The anticipated launch of our next project, Street Tree Planting, to be led by Beth Osment was well received. An update was provided on the Residents' Parking Permit campaign, initiated following October's 'Have Your Say' meeting by member Phil Davies, and discussed on 4 July by DCC's Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC), with the news that both Cllr. Percy Prowse and Cllr. Su Aves would be forming a working group with Traffic Management Team Manager, Chris Rook, to resolve the issues and report back to the next HATOC meeting. A vote of thanks was given to Jill Owen who had worked very hard for the community over her 4 years as our County Councillor before retiring in May, and had given much appreciated excellent advice and support to the SG including the Forum's projects.

A new Constitution that importantly had been drafted in consultation with our residents' associations was adopted and will provide an effective framework for the next phase of the Forum’s life (click here to view). 

It was with great pleasure that a nomination for Chairman, the first in two years, had been received and Anne Jobson was duly elected for the coming year. Robyn announced her retirement as Membership Officer and was warmly thanked for her unstinting work for the Forum and particularly for her management of the SG during the last two years. The following people were elected:

SG Officers:
Anne Jobson: Chairman
Annette Plaut: Treasurer
Dave Treharne: Minute Secretary

SG Members:
Susie Bower
Robyn Connett
Gaynor Carr
Paul Layton
Dan Maxwell

Draft minutes of the AGM are available here.

The AGM followed a presentation 'Looking to the Future - St James as Part of the City of Exeter' by Frazer Osment, Director of LDA-Design and landscape architect specialising in urban regeneration, and importantly for the Forum, a member, resident in St James, who has acted as adviser to the Steering Group since the concept of a neighbourhood plan for St James emerged in 2011.

Frazer explained his vision for the City that would see the needs of individual communities given much more prominence for the well-being of the whole. He referred to the historical settlement arrangement of self-sufficient villages around the City advocating an approach that returns to the idea of identifiable sustainable 'villages', such as St James, each with their own identity and unique character but inter-connected with the City Centre and each other.

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