Successful Fifth AGM

Last updated: 5th February 2017



Exeter St James Forum held a very successful 5th AGM on 2 July, with Members voting unanimously in favour of the Forum's continuation beyond its initial 5 year term.

Members' spontaneous ringing endorsement of the legal action taken by the Steering Group provided a resounding rebuttal to claims by the Chairman of Exeter City Football Club, reported in the E&E, that the SG had acted without the support of Forum members.

Click here for the Forum's statement to the AGM regarding the St James Park Development.

Other issues raised by Members included parking and especially the difficulties caused during term time with the huge influx of student cars.The meeting was informed that the University is currently consulting over its draft Travel Plan with a very tight deadline of 8 July although it was not clear whether this consultation is exclusively for councillors. It was also reported that a petition is available online concerning the E&E's call for the University to ban, rather than simply discourage, students from bringing a car to Exeter. If you are interested please click here.

Draft minutes of the AGM are available here.


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