QCG - Restoration commencing

Last updated: 6th February 2019


Queen's Crescent Garden restoration recommencing 


This is the "BEFORE" picture - a very sad eyesore:

The current "WORK IN PROGRESS" - a welcome sight:


It won't be long till we'll be proud to share the 'AFTER' photos!


What to expect

The initial focus will include rebuild of the Longbrook Street / Queens Crescent corner.

Many local residents will recall the widespread sense of exasperation when the wall was left badly damaged after a car ploughed into the corner a few years ago. The lack of ownership at that time meant there was no-one to come forward to put in a claim for damage, no insurance policy to cover reinstatement, and so the already sadly-dilapidated state of the wall intensified.

Well – at last this is about to change! And while the builder is busy with bricks and mortar, much 'behind the scenes' work continues so that it won't be long before everything is ready to proceed with creation of the final two new entrances and completion of the boundary work.

On signing the Lease, Exeter St James Community Trust took over responsibility for the regeneration project from the Forum, and as leaseholder was at last in position to appoint LDA Design to undertake necessary preparatory work for the next phase of regeneration. Many Forum members will recall that following extensive consultation with the community in 2014, LDA prepared the Masterplan, and now, armed with recently-commissioned topographical and tree surveys, LDA have developed the chosen concept design, refining as required to overcome constraints presented by the survey results, and producing detailed drawings to ensure the proposed new entrance from Queens Crescent will be just right! Sands Consultants, Civil and Structural Chartered Engineers of Hem's Court, have also been busy providing pro bono expertise in mapping the underground services.

Trust members will be able to find out and discuss the latest plans with Forum and Trust Member, Frazer Osment, following the Trust AGM at the end of this month. Many Forum members are also Trust members, but those who have not yet become members of the Trust (through purchase of minimum of 5 £1 shares) are warmly invited to do so to show their support, whilst ensuring that in future they, too, will be in the vanguard of those finding out about QCG developments! Click here for details of Trust membership and application forms.

Exeter St James Community Trust wishes to thank all who over the years have donated money, time, effort or expertise to the Project. The next phases of the boundary work currently getting underway, have been made possible principally as the result of a Devon County Council 'Investing in Devon' grant and an Exeter City Council 'Grass Roots' grant. Further funding opportunities to continue the regeneration are being considered.

Not to be forgotten are the generous 'in-kind' contributions of those who have donated their professional expertise and time as vital and valuable match funding at various stages of the Project. With regard to the current programme, recognition and thanks go to local resident Frazer Osment who continues to lend the Project his expertise in landscape design, through insightful planning, oversight and competent management of the regeneration work, and to Sands Consultants, civil and Structural Chartered Engineers.





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