Last updated: 23rd December 2012

Neighbourhood Plan submitted to Exeter City Council

Another milestone for the Forum – and a great way to end the year

The Neighbourhood Plan for St James was submitted to the council today, 20 December. It’s one of only a handful of Neighbourhood Plans in the country to have reached this stage.

ECC’s representation review period, a requirement of Neighbourhood Planning regulations, runs from 21 December 2012 to 8 February 2013. The Plan and several supporting documents are available for reading at Civic Centre reception, Paris Street.

See the final Plan

See all the Supporting Documents

In addition to the Neighbourhood Plan, there is a Sustainability Appraisal, Consultation Statement, Basic Conditions Statement, the full Evidence Base and the Planning Policy Compliance Statement. It’s not quite as alarming as it looks. You’ll be able to read or download the particular documents which interest you.

It’s been a team effort, but special thanks to Steering Group member Frazer Osment and his colleague at LDA Design, David Bell, for preparing the technical documents and meeting the tight deadline to ensure that we submitted the Plan before the Christmas and New Year holiday.

We can now look forward to the independent examination of the Neighbourhood Plan in late winter/early spring.

How you responded to the Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Following the consultation on our Draft Plan in October and November, we received 41 written and emailed responses. Thank you again to all who responded.

We had helpful feedback, some resulting in amendments to proposed policies and projects and some in additions to policies. All in all, the Neighbourhood Plan now better represents the work of task groups and the comments made at our open events earlier this year as well as the formal consultation on the Draft Plan.

To see a summary of the responses and changes made by the Forum view the PDF Named – Consultation Statement Part 4 (Page 55)  – in the Supporting Documents 

The Response Record is also an appendix to the Consultation Statement in the Neighbourhood Plan.

A happy Christmas, festive season and New Year to all

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