Last updated: 18th July 2014



On 16 June, Exeter City Council’s Planning Committee gave permission for the redevelopment of the site of the present pavilion into four blocks of student residential accommodation (3-5 storeys) and for a new pavilion for the Cricket Club.

ESJF’s Steering Group has taken legal advice and decided to initiate a legal challenge against the Council. It is unfortunate that a legal challenge has become necessary, but is the only course of action open to us now.

We had not opposed the principle of redevelopment. In fact, the Neighbourhood Plan’s policy SD2-Exeter Cricket Club was specifically drafted to ensure that the Club could stay here, but with safeguards to protect such a sensitive site with heritage importance.

The legal process could be lengthy. We know the Forum has to be prepared to fundraise to contribute to costs. We also know that several members of the Forum belong to the Cricket Club. However, in addition to the planning issues, there is the principle of standing up for the Neighbourhood Plan, a statutory planning document. Many more of you were actively involved in the consultation and preparation of the Plan. We can’t let the Plan’s policies be sidelined without a challenge.

Your support for the challenge will be welcomed.


Queen's Crescent Garden

Thanks to Aylwyn Bowen, Andrew Connett and Paul Woodward who responded to our call for help in raking up the cut grass. Paul returned on a number of occasions to continue the work, so particular thanks to him! In addition Beth Osment showed what could be achieved in an hour before collecting children from school! She managed to weed more than half the length of the perimeter walls, removing the weeds between wall and pavement, resulting in a marked improvement. Every little bit of help really does count!

We intend to put our petrol mower to the test next week, hoping that we shall be able to keep the grass under control ourselves from now on. All being well we shall then produce a rota so the mowing can be shared by many and not become an onerous burden for anyone. Are you able and willing to help? Do let us know at if your name could be added to the rota.

The fine weather and the cut grass seem to have encouraged the accumulation of even more rubbish in the garden. Special thanks go to those public-spirited, local people who have taken it upon themselves to bag up and remove rubbish that's been left there on a regular basis, and to Cllr. Keith Owen who has asked the council to come to remove wheelie bins, traffic cones etc as a favour because of the negative impact it has on the area.

We'd like to emphasise again that neither we, nor the council, currently have responsibility to maintain the garden, but instead of seeing it left completely neglected while the ownership issue continues to be pursued, we are doing what we can with your help

Don't forget the Table Top Sale at Exeter Spiritualist Church, York Road, tomorrow 10.30 start! The church has kindly offered us one table on which to sell donated items with proceeds solely for the QCG funds. In addition, a proportion of the proceeds from the other tables will be donated to QCG! Please bring saleable items before 10.15, ensuring they are earmarked for the QCG table! And why not come back to see what bargains you can find? The sale will continue till 3pm unless all is sold before that.

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