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Last updated: 11th June 2019

The Latest from Queen's Crescent Garden!

Pleasing progress towards restoration of the Queen's Crescent Garden boundary has seen the creation of a new sweeping entrance off Queen's Crescent. We look forward to further progress once the tree that has caused serious damage to the wall and the pavement has been removed.

Time for Long-overdue Tree Work
Those who have observed events in the Garden over the last few years will be well aware of the number of trees that have succumbed to stormy weather, sometimes weakened by fungal disease, and have either shed branches naturally, or have been deemed dangerous by Devon County Council with orders for part or complete felling.


The sad truth is that since the residents' garden committee dissolved in the 1990s, the trees have suffered neglect, so it should come as no surprise that there is a backlog of required work. It was therefore a priority for Exeter St James Community Trust to commission a professional tree survey to establish the health status of the trees and advise which could be improved by judicious pruning and those with limited longevity. In addition, it was clear to all that the Western Red Cedar half way along Queen's Crescent had outgrown its position. This photo reveals the sorry state of affairs.

As the garden is within a conservation area, permission is needed before any trees may be removed. Following the statutory 3 week advertising with notices displayed in the vicinity, the Trust heard that the Council would not be issuing a Tree Preservation Notice for this tree, nor for the weeping ash near the York Road / Queen's Crescent corner that suddenly shed a large branch a couple of years ago.

 When the Lease was negotiated with the Council, it was agreed that the Council would provide a sum of £3000 New Homes Bonus money towards initial tree work, and this means that we are able to proceed with all the recommended work, crown lifting, pollarding as well as felling of the two trees.

A careful eye is being kept on the majestic ash within the Garden; fears that it might be succumbing to Ash Dieback seem unfounded for now, and we hope that this tree will last for many years to come – at least until mature trees, that will be planted in accordance with the Masterplan, have become well established. We are thinking of the future and are determined to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy healthy, majestic trees in the Garden as a result of the judicious work that we undertake now!





Logs Available – make a donation to the QCG Project!

The tree surgeon will be cutting the wood into 'manageable logs' – of a size that can easily be lifted into a car boot to be taken away to allow to season and chop up for firewood. Would you like some of this wood in exchange for a donation to the QCG project? Please contact us as soon as possible, providing your contact details if you are interested so that we can coordinate collection.

For those with woodburners who prefer to have wood already very well-seasoned and cut into logs suitable for the burner, we also are selling bags of mixed wood – cherry, apple, bay and fir. This can be delivered to you if necessary for a small additional charge. The wood has been donated by a member and cut up by another, all for the benefit of the QCG project. Get in touch to find out more or put in an order while stocks last!



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