Football Club Planning Committee

Last updated: 9th February 2016




Monday 8 February, Rennes Room, Civic Centre, 5.30pm

The Forum's Steering Group thanks the many members of ESJF and other residents of St James who sent their objections on St James Park Development application, Football Club and Yeo & Davey site (see article below). Despite your efforts and often strong feelings, we now know that planning officers are recommending consent for the main application and the related one for 31-35 Old Tiverton Road.

All objectors and supporters who sent comments to Exeter City Council will have been advised that they can register to speak at Planning Committee on 8 February. However, the speaking time is strictly limited to three minutes and there will be one speaker only for each application from the objectors and one from the supporters. If agreed by the chairman, it is expected that one speaker from each side will be allowed six minutes to cover both applications.

It is important that we use this last opportunity to comment on the report and bring any new concerns to the Committee's attention. ESJF and the residents' associations will be jointly registering one speaker. We hope to be allocated the slot/s for objectors.

Your support at the meeting would be welcomed. However, the room is not large and we have been asked to assist in limiting the number of people attending. The Football Club has had the same request. Don't let this deter you if you are a keen follower of planning meetings or a representative for several objectors.

Click here to view the ECC Committee Report.



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