Football Club Development Go Ahead

Last updated: 17th March 2016



At its meeting on 8 February ECC Planning Committee, to the overwhelming dismay of the permanent residents of St James, approved the plans for a replacement stand at the Football Club and proposals for accommodation for 327 students.

Although conceding that 327 students would not improve the balance in St James, Neighbourhood Plan policies on the development of the Football Club and Yeo & Davey site were interpreted by planning officers as being secondary to the need to pay for the new stand and other improvements at the Football Club by building large blocks of student accommodation.

The Forum is grateful to our two councillors, Keith Owen and Christine Buswell, who spoke against the application at the meeting. Christine, a member of the Planning Committee, was one of only two councillors to vote against.

The Forum's Steering Group will meet in the near future to take stock of the situation.

Thank you to all members and other residents for your support.



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