Football Club Development

Last updated: 18th November 2015





Residents of St James can expect a planning application for up to 330 student units on the Yeo & Davey site off Old Tiverton Road later this month.

To fund an essential new stand for Exeter City Football Club, Yelverton Properties plan to develop the site, currently a car wash, used car sales and other small commercial uses.

Do we need another 330 students? Some 55% of the population of this part of St James is already students. What does our Neighbourhood Plan say about it? A great deal, with several policies relating directly and indirectly to the development at the Football Club and Yeo & Davey site. The proposals we were shown at the public exhibition on 30/31 October do not comply with them or the over-riding aim of the Neighbourhood Plan – to improve the balance of the community.

Feedback forms are here:

Now is the time for us to think about what is needed in St James and to speak up. Once the planning application is published on  Exeter City Council's website comments may be posted online.

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