Football Club Application

Last updated: 9th February 2016


Football Club Application to Planning Committee on 8 February?


Exeter Football Club Development – Architect's drawing for student blocks along railway corridor.


ESJF has submitted a robust, comprehensive objection to the planning application for St James Park Development (click here to view).

The proposals for 327 student units do not comply with the Neighbourhood Plan's policies on improving the balance of the community or, for the multi-storey purpose-built student accommodation, policies on the scale and form of the buildings and quality of design. Too big and too dominating as far as the impact on the local residential neighbourhood is concerned. The utilitarian replacement stand at the Football Club and the mass of student blocks will be seen from many points around the city.

UPDATE: The developers have submitted amended plans and drawings for the proposed student accommodation. To view these go to the ECC website (click here) and enter Application Number 15/1283/03 in the box, click "Search", then the application number at the top of the new page and then on "Documents" on the next page. The relevant documents, all prefaced "Amended", appear at the foot of the page.

Although the period for general consultation is now closed ESJF will be submitting comments on these amendments to ECC Planning Services. 


Read PRESS RELEASE from Residents’ Associations

Download a copy of our flyer to local residents

The Neighbourhood Plan, to which the Football Club did not object, aims to improve the balance of the community. There is a demand for all types of housing in St James. To add 327 students to an area in which students already make up some 55% of residents does not comply with the Plan.




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