Last updated: 17th June 2013


Steering Group –   the new line-up
Following a successful Annual General Meeting on 8th June the Forum has a new Steering Group (SG) and has been given powers to work in partnership with others and to raise funds for Forum projects such as Queens Crescent Garden.

Steering Group, all elected unanimously

Jo Hawkins who has been such an effective Chair has stood down from that role but continues to be on the SG. Much thanks goes to Jo for her outstanding leadership over the past two years.

Di Boston who has been a SG member for 2 years becomes Chair for the coming year.
Thanks go to Paul Hedley who has stood down. Paul has been our Treasurer since the start, a role which will now be undertaken by Annette Plaut in her second year on the SG.
Robyn Connett remains our membership Secretary.
Frazer Osment continues. 
Ruth Stringer continues.
Phillipa Hogan joins the SG.

The Residents' Association representatives who sit on the SG will be –

Lynn Hartmann - for Bury Meadow
Aylwyn Bowen - Thornton West
Mark Clemoes -  Oxford Road
Mark Phillips - Devonshire Place
Paul Layton - joins from Powderham Crescent to replace Paul Hedley
Meg Hitchcock - Prospect Park

In addition standing invitations go to our city and county councillors (Kevin Mitchell, Keith Owen, Jill Owen) and to the University and Guild of Students represented by Rory Cunningham and Gareth Oughton).

City council planning officials who have been so helpful thus far may also join our meetings from time to time as will those connected to the various projects.


At the next steering group meeting (Exeter City Football Club on 22nd July 7 pm) we are looking to appoint a Deputy Chair and a Minute Taker for the group. If you are interested in either of these roles or just keen to get involved in the group you will be very welcome. Please get in touch to let us know.

The Forum constitution was amended at the AGM primarily to enable us to raise funds for the projects outlined in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Explanatory notes on the revised amendments -

Proposed changes to the Constitution sections 4c) and 5 j) and new section 6 – Forum Funding

1 Background

Following the successful referendum on 2nd May 2013, and subject to adoption by Exeter City Council in July, the Neighbourhood Plan will become a formal planning document.

As set out in Sections 1 and 2 of the constitution, the Forum retains responsibility for maintaining and monitoring the Neighbourhood Plan until, at least, August 2017, five years after ESJF became the designated organisation to prepare the Plan,

In order to co-ordinate administrative work on projects, undertake consultation and maintain an influence on the planning and development issues set out in the Neighbourhood Plan, it will be necessary for the Forum to have funds and therefore fundraising powers. The Front Runner fund is no longer available to us and is, in any event, fully spent by ESJF and ECC during the Neighbourhood Plan process.

2 Section 6 - proposed fundraising powers

The Steering Group has discussed the options available to the Forum. It is proposed that the principle of fundraising and a membership fee be agreed by the addition of Sections 5 j) and 6 to the constitution. However, it is not proposed to initiate a membership fee in the forthcoming year.

Draft budget for 2013/14 (1 June to 31 May): £950

The draft budget would cover administrative costs and contributions to consultation and other initial costs for projects. The Steering Group or an appointed panel will be asked to identify sources for grant aid and funding; to include grants, donations, fundraising events, advertising for local organisations on the website.

3 Clarification on eligibility for associate members

Section 4c) has been amended to add reference to eligibility of associates ‘with an interest in St James’.

4 Additional clause to section 5 – Forum Steering Group

It is proposed to add Section 5j):
The Steering Group will received and consider reports from relevant project groups and panels.


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