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What happens to the Forum after the expected referendum on 2 May? When do Forum members, in partnership with other local groups and the councils, start work on our priority projects such as Queens Crescent garden?
To discuss these and other neighbourhood plan issues, you are welcome at the Workshop for Members and Associate Members on Thursday 21 March at the Spiritualist Church, York Road.

Doors open from 6.30pm (to set up the room) and the Workshop starts at 7pm; expected to finish at 9pm.

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All being well, the Notice of Referendum will be issued by Exeter City Council on 26 March. Not wanting to leave the outcome to chance, we are keen to encourage voters in St James ward to vote Yes on 2 May.

However, government advice is that forums and parish/town councils cannot use public funds to campaign for a Yes (or No) vote. So far, we have been very fortunate in having Front Runner funding from the government to pay for printing, hire of halls, advice and assistance from consultants, and the independent examination. There’s not much left in the kitty - and it is public money.

Can you help?

Small donations from members and associates will enable us to print one Vote Yes flyer, to be delivered by volunteers in mid April. Our target is £150. More would be welcome.

We will be campaigning on our website and by word-of-mouth too, but any amount you are able to donate will be much appreciated.

A donation box will be available at the Workshop on 21 March. Donations can also be sent online to ESJF’s bank, details below, or cheques made payable to Exeter St James Forum can be delivered to:

Paul Hedley
Treasurer, ESJF
6 Powderham Crescent
Exeter EX4 6DA

Bank account –

Exeter St James Forum
Sort code 08 – 92 – 99
Account no. 65493429




Your memories, please

Your memories of life and happenings in St James, from the long or more recent past, are wanted by David Treharne and Robyn Connett.

They and other members of the Forum are planning walking routes through St James, to be accompanied by historical notes and anecdotes from the people who live here. The project may become part of the Heritage Trail identified through our neighbourhood plan consultation.

See Heritage Trail on the website for more information.

Or contact Robyn:



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