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St James’s Neighbourhood Plan has been independently examined and, subject to our making the recommended amendments, can now proceed towards the referendum. The all-clear from Graham Self came on 14 February, soon after the completion of the final phase for comments.

Mr Self was appointed by Exeter City Council, in consultation with the Forum, in January. We are grateful to him for the thorough report and its speedy delivery. And, as ever, we have had excellent support and advice from Jill Day in the Council’s planning department.

Read the Examiner’s Report

We will make the recommended changes and, following the examiner’s advice, also tidy up two sections of text. The amendments will improve the clarity and purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan and ensure consistency.

The amended post-examination version of the Plan will be placed on our website once it has been agreed with the Council.

Next step: A report to Exeter City Council’s Executive on 19 March. The Council is responsible for issuing a Decision Statement, noting the Examiner’s Report and modifications (amendments) and setting out procedures for the referendum.

So far, so very good. We remain on track for the referendum on Thursday 2 May.


Members of ESJF’s Steering Group reflect on what we have been doing and why.

Meg Hitchcock, Chairman of Prospect Park
Residents’ Association:

I have lived in St James for nearly 40 years. My husband and I raised our family here. Although our grown up children now live distances away, they retain a close attachment to this neighbourhood and its physical surroundings. I believe this is sometimes referred to as ‘roots’.

In recent years, there have been significant changes to the character of St James, which came about with little or no engagement by residents who live and/or work here. The neighbourhood plan promises to give those who constitute the community of St James an accredited voice in shaping the future development of their neighbourhood.
I wholeheartedly welcome this initiative.

Aylwyn Bowen, graphic design and website manager:

Working towards a neighbourhood plan for St James has made me far more aware of the exceptional qualities of this diverse area and the significant importance of maintaining and enhancing them for future generations. The combination of different skills, ideas and views from across the community has been highly refreshing and created many new friendships, along with much stronger lines of communication between organisations.

Di Boston, draftswoman of our constitution:

The process and the enacting of a neighbourhood plan means being proactive in and for our community to make it an even better place to live and work.

Robyn Connett, membership officer and info@ email contact:

One aspect of the neighbourhood plan that excites me is the recognition of our rich heritage. I see this as a great way to engender pride in the place in which we live and work, providing deep roots on which to build a cohesive community with a strong identity.
Our diversity is to be celebrated, but I sense we need to address the fragmentation in a ward created as recently as 2001 – and a shared heritage must help.


on the way forward for the Forum and
the projects.

Invitation to all members and associates following later in February.



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