Clock Tower Hotel HMO?

Last updated: 13th February 2018

Calling ALL Members to speak out for our Neighbourhood Plan

Conversion of Clock Tower Hotel to 18 bed Student HMO? - Here we go again!

A new planning application 17/1596 to change this hotel into an 18 bed House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), is currently at the public consultation phase. The Planning Statement (eg at 7.25) makes it clear that the proposed HMO is intended for students.

There has been some confusion over dates but the case officer, Laura Dymond, has confirmed that the current public consultation period will end on 4 January 2018, not 28 December as neighbours of the Hotel had been advised previously.

This application follows the withdrawal of a similar application in March, to which the Forum, and many of you, had objected. Thank you for doing so; it seems safe to assume that the nature and number of objections, including from our councillors, led to a change of mind of the planning officer involved, and hence to the withdrawal by the applicant.

The planning officer stated in her final report on that application, that ' is considered that the applicant has not provided sufficient justification for a departure from the adopted Exeter St James Neighbourhood Plan.'

The new Planning Statement on behalf of the applicant attempts to argue that the proposals are in full accordance with Exeter's Development Plan, - which includes St James Neighbourhood Plan (SJNP)!

We must not stand by and allow such false claims to go unchallenged! If each Forum member writes to object, together we will strengthen the hand of the Planning Officers to refuse this application.

Numbers Count! Please write to object to this proposal that would see a very large HMO that would cause further community imbalance. You may wish to pick up additional reasons to object, (take care to follow the guidance provided on the Council's planning pages to ensure you confine your objections to those factors that are permissible) but your objection will add to the number count whether you mention one reason for objection or many. Planning Officers take the relative numbers of letters of objection or support into consideration when reaching their recommendation. Your letter really will count!

If you are opposed to this application, make sure you state 'Objection' when you write your comment and provide the application number 17/1596. You may submit your comment online, or by sending an email or a letter to the Case Officer, Clear instructions are provided on the Council website here.

If you wrote to object to the previous application for change of use of the hotel to an 18 bed HMO and your views remain the same, you may wish simply to resubmit the comment you made last time. This may be found here under 'comments and objections'. Don't forget to change the application number though!

Please make it a New Year resolution you DO keep! Send in your objection by 4 January to make it count.

It's also not too late (despite what the ECC website says) to object to the application (17/16/VOC) to create an additional 24 beds at the football club student development. Send your objections to:


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