Clock Tower Hotel

Last updated: 2nd July 2017

CLOCK TOWER HOTEL – application for change of use to 18 bed HMO withdrawn!

Many thanks to all those who submitted an objection to this planning application which sought to convert the Hotel in New North Road into accommodation for 18 students. Confronted by the degree of individual opposition as well as a strong objection submitted on behalf of the Forum, and supported by our local city councillors, the applicant withdrew before the application was determined.

This is another success for our Neighbourhood Plan, with its aim of restoring community balance for the well-being of all, but despite its statutory status as part of Exeter's Development Plan it is clear that we all need to be ready to speak up to ensure it is given due weight.

As a result of changes to neighbourhood planning regulations that came into force last October, the Forum has been given greater recognition with Exeter City Council now required to consult with the Forum when planning applications of significance to St James are submitted.

Advised by our planning experts, the Steering Group gives careful consideration to these proposals and responds accordingly. Where the arguments for and against seem finely-balanced, the local planning officers take particular note of the degree of local feeling, and if there are many individual letters, either of objection or support, the determination may finally be swayed by these. In such cases we shall alert you to the specific application, just as we did the change of use for the Clock Tower Hotel, knowing that your submissions would be very significant. 


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