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Last updated: 26th July 2013


St James Neighbourhood Plan referendum, 2 May 2013


Yes                 951     91.6%
No                     64       6.2%
Other                23       2.2%

Turnout 20.8%

It’s an excellent result; one which gives us the confidence to move forward, to build on the work of the neighbourhood plan and to plan the future of the Forum and projects in St James.

Thank you to all members and associates of the Forum who have supported the Steering Group and been involved in the workshops and consultations and in delivering leaflets and spreading the word to vote Yes.

By bringing the residents’ associations, Students’ Guild and many individual residents together, it’s been a successful enjoyable community initiative. We have learnt more about our immediate neighbourhoods and about St James. Now we can work together to achieve the vision for a balanced and vibrant neighbourhood.

What will the Neighbourhood Plan do for St James?...

  • make it a better place to live and visit, for example by improving Queens Crescent garden
  • encourage development that meets the needs of the community and helps to achieve a balance between permanent and student residents
  • improve the natural and built environment
  • support businesses and help to create local jobs
  • protect our heritage
  • manage the impact of traffic through the ward

Message from Students’ Guild...

Hello everyone

On behalf of the Students’ Guild, I just wanted to email you all to say well done on the referendum news! You’ve all done an absolutely fantastic job and we’re really pleased that St James got the result it needs.

All the best,


Gareth Oughton
Director of Membership Services & People Development
University of Exeter Students' Guild


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