Boundary Commission Proposals

Last updated: 31st July 2015


Devon County (click here for details)

St James is split down the middle: the western half being placed in the new division of Duryard & Pennsylvania and the eastern half in the new division of St Sidwells & Newtown. The existing division of St Davids and St James will disappear.

Both Forum and Trust are dismayed by this proposal which will decimate St James and see the disappearance of the historic name associated with our ward. It is in total disregard of the sense of community engendered by the hard work of so many residents in creating an identity for St James and ignores completely the unique nature of St James, its Forum, its Trust and, above all, its Neighbourhood Plan.

Public consultation ends on 6 July 2015. Help save St James - please contact the LGBCE to oppose these plans.

Read  the Forum's response to the Devon review here.

Exeter City (click here for details)

St James is merged with neighbouring Duryard to form the new Duryard & St James ward.

Again representations arguing the special case for St James have been ignored by the LGBCE. The proposal sees the retention of the present ward boundary but it is swallowed by the larger Duryard, a more rural area removed from the city centre with a completely different demographic. St James would no longer exist as a dedicated two member ward.

Public consultation ends on 10 August 2015. Help retain St James as an entity with two elected members of Exeter City Council - please contact the LGBCE to oppose these plans.

Read the Forum's response to the Exeter review here.


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