Blooming St James

Last updated: 2nd July 2017


The Royal Horticultural Society, through Britian in Bloom and It’s Your Neighbourhood, gives awards to community groups for their efforts in developing and nurturing the green spaces in our towns and villages.

In St James the entries have been increasing since 2014 and last year there were 8 awards in the area, each with the following achievements:

Bury Meadow Park – Advancing;
St Sidwell’s Community Centre Garden – Outstanding;
St James’ Park Station – Improving;
Powderham Crescent Garden – Thriving;
Queen’s Crescent Garden Project – Thriving;
St James’ Vegetable Gardens – Thriving;
Devonshire Place Orchard Regeneration Project – Outstanding;
King Stephen’s Close – Thriving.

                                       The "outstanding" Devonshire Place Orchard

The St James Village entry which encompasses the all of the sites as well as the roads, gardens and spaces in between them was awarded a Silver Gilt Medal.

We have some great community initiatives in St James that continue to work and maintain many of our very special green spaces. Queen’s Crescent Garden is a major long term project. However we also have St Sidwell’s School with a thriving green space and garden and the Mosque with its own developing garden which could also be part of the It’s Your Neighbourhood awards. There are a large number of attractive front gardens and in the summer, tucked away in some of the small terraces, you can find planters and baskets full of flowers attracting bees and butterflies. But there is still a need for more. It is all about Environmental Responsibility, Community Involvement and Gardening Achievement.

                          The "outstanding" St Sidwell's Community Centre Garden

It would be good for more initiatives to get off the ground (sorry about the pun). There are possibilities of support and grants from different sources that can be applied for. If you have an idea for a street or row of houses, or even a disused space, check out the RHS Southwest in Bloom It’s Your Neighbourhood website (click here) or contact the Forum for more information.


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