AGM Minutes

Last updated: 6th October 2014

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the St James’ Forum on 14th June 2014 at St Sidwell’s Primary School 15:30

Present: Jo Hawkins, Cllr Keith Owen, Robyn Connett, Aylwyn Bowen, Andrew Digby, Clive Temperton, Di Boston, Frazer Osment, Jean Northam, Joni Holohan, Kirsten Layton, Meg Hitchcock, Mike Reddawy, Mimi Vokes, Tony Vokes, Paul Hedley, Penny Whicher, Phillipa Hogan, Stuart Klein, Susie Bower, Tony Northam, Jon Hirons, Cllr Kevin Mitchell, Mr Hassan, Pamela Wootton, Robin Wootton, Margaret Godsland, Colin Pill, Camilla Norman, Lynn Hartmann, Ruth Stringer, Colin Pill, Annette Plaut, Paul Layton David Treharne (acting minute secretary).

Apologies: Mark Phillips, Jackie Willey, Edith Southwell, Richard Short, Ben Bradshaw M.P., Judie Yung, Jan Croysdale, Ruth Stringer.

Minutes of the June 2013 A.G.M: Copies had been circulated and were available. The minutes were passed as being a true record of the meeting.

Matters arising from the Minutes of the June 2013 meeting: There were no matters arising that did not form part of the 2014 agenda.

Chair’s Introduction and report for 2013/14: Di Boston’s report had been circulated in advance and was available at the meeting.
She summarised the past year, the progress made on projects and the work of the Forum panels. In particular she explained that the Forum’s Design Panel had met to look at plans submitted by the developer working with the Exeter Cricket Club. The ECC Planning Committee was meeting on Monday 16th June and the Forum would be represented at that meeting. It was explained that the Forum was seeking to create a community benefit company which would be the vehicle to support Forum projects - Queen’s Crescent Garden in the first instance. Di explained that her year as Chair was at an end and the Forum was seeking a new Chair for 2014/15

Treasurer’s report 2013/14: Annette Plaut presented the Treasurer’s report (attached) which included financial details of the Queen’s Crescent Garden accounts. The report was approved by the meeting.

Motions for the A.G.M.: No motions were submitted for discussion with the timeframe made available.

Election of the Steering Group: 10(ten) persons had put forward their names to serve on the Steering Group for 2014/15 and they were approved en bloc. They were Di Boston, Jo Hawkins, Robyn Connett, Philippa Hogan, Ruth Stringer, Mike Reddaway, Paul Layton, Annette Plaut, David Treharne and Frazer Osment.

The Coming Year: Di Boston said that as the Neighbourhood Plan had only been adopted for a year, there was a lot of work to do in order to support the Plan and its policies and develop the projects already underway.

Budget: A draft budget for 2014/15 was presented which indicated that the Forum had sufficient funds to undertake the work for the coming year. See below

Balance at 1st June 2014
Co-op Bank current account 1031.87

Advertising revenue 245


Computer services 80
Hire of premises 140
Printing 40
Postage/photocopying 5
Travel 100
Liability insurance 300

Vote of thanks: Cllr K. Owen proposed a vote of thanks to the Steering Group for the work that they had undertaken during the previous year, and this was noted.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 16:15.

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