68 Student bed development Well Street

Last updated: 17th June 2016



68 STUDENT BEDROOMS proposed on City Service Station site, Well Street.

Grainge Architects have informed the Forum of the proposal that City Service Station, 36 - 38 Well Street, be transformed into a 68 bedroom housing scheme.

Even while we await the decision of the Secretary of State over the Football Club Development, this additional threat to our community well-being has been revealed.

A copy of the flyer which has also been sent to our local councillors, and delivered to houses in the immediate vicinity, is available for viewing by clicking here.

A pre-application CONSULTATION drop-in event will be held at St Anne's Well Pubilc House, Well Street, on Monday 18 April from 2 - 4 pm.

This rules out many working people, but if you are able to drop-in to express your dismay please do so. Whichever part of St James we live in, we need to stand together against this increasing threat to the future of our community.

Lend your voice to our Neighbourhood Plan and leave the developer in no doubt that the community of St James stands firmly behind its policies!

See the Forum's initial response to proposals here.



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