Heritage Trail


St James Walks - your personal memories are required now!

A small group of ESJF members led by David Treharne is gearing up to collect personal histories from those, young and old, who have memories to offer. The walks are expected to become part of ESJF's heritage trail project

Just contact us via the website if you would like to hear more, have stories to tell or would like to be involved in any way. The sooner the better!

A small group of residents is planning three ‘St James Walks’ inside and around the Ward boundaries. It’s evident from our first meetings that there’s a huge amount of oral and photographic history to be collected out there. We’d like to hear from any residents who have recollections that they’d like to share, or any photographs from the near and recent past that we can copy.

There is a good deal of recorded history, but it tends to be about the great and the good, rather than people who live(d) and work(ed) around our ward. Examples of what we’re looking for might be;

  • People who attended the “old” St Sidwell’s school
  • Recollections of “the Parkie” in Bury Meadow.
  • Drinking in the Eagle Tavern
  • Working at the laundry off Devonshire Place
  • Photos of long gone shops in the Ward boundaries

We’d like make sure that even very recent history is included, and will include details of how we’re getting on in future newsletters. We’ll also need volunteers, so if you’re interested in helping in any way please get in touch through the website, and watch for further details of what we’re gathering, and of course, the walks themselves.